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The Fall and Rise of Sziggies, Suns and Stardust (at Amazon). Siggy is
Sigurd Fafnesbane, a Dragonhunter found in the Herosagas of the Norse.
Siggy and Ziggy Stardust are explored as Astrotheological Sun- and
Soular heroes found in myths, religions, legends, lores and also in real life.


Horned figures on petroglyphs. .

Syncretism: the synchronicity of universal themes in
WorldMythology, here with figures from Sweden, Greece, Egypt, Europe

Hathor, Cow-Hawk-Lion Creatrix on 'Hökekullen', the 'Hawk hill', Sweden

Hathor emerging from a mountainside into the
'Fields of Reeds' behind Taweret, an Egyptian hippo goddess
of birth, rebirth and a blueprint of Cosmos' Womb and cycles of Genesis.

Masked figures at the Vulvic root of the Goddess Tree.

Glastonbury Tor, a spiralling labyrinthian goddess hillock with an entrance
into the Underworld, or 'Otherworld'. Somerset, UK.

Glastonbury Zodiac. Zodiacal constellations outlined in the landscape surrounding
Glastonbury Tor - mirroring the zodiac in the sky. A landscape linked with
King Arthur, the visits of Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus, and with
the legends of the Holy Grail.

Glastonbury Tor with its carving of Celtic goddess Brigid milking a cow.
Labyrinths are found all across the Earth, the Wombs of the Creatrix?
A Womb with many Mysteries, also within Astrotheology.

Soular and Spirit consciousness, when awareness is nourished in the Heart
and Cave of our 'Otherworldy' realms of consciousness, the right half of the brain
and subconscious mind. Bringing light to imagination, intuition and Gnosis.
The Psychic Intelligence Laws and fields of Mother Nature. 
Lore from the Angelic kingdom: The Great Mother, Alchemy and David Jones.   

Titicaca Lake, Bolivia, the Sun Island. With a Sun Moon crystal in the lake,
balancing male and female Blueprints of consciousness.  

View from Machu Picchu, Peru

View from a petroglyphical place in Sweden. 

Evocative Mother Nature. Hawkhill, Mölndal, Sweden. 

Nordic Norns weaving threads of time and space by the World Tree.

Avebury, England, within the closure of standing stones.

Avebury with Solar and Lunar standing stones within Earth's Womb? 

Earth 'pregnancy'. A Hillock. Silbury Hill, Avebury.


Blue Lotus. 

White Lotus

Red Lotus

Anahata, the Heart chakra

Mandala of Source?