Our Universe has ben likened unto an Egg - encircled by a Serpent (Uroboros). The Serpent is an ancient symbol for power and energy. Is this a mythographical thought showing that there are wave frequencies spiralling like 'serpents' in the electro- gravitational (magnetic) fields that participate in the make up of a Cosmos? Is the Serpent a thought (blueprint) that in Cosmos, in our Universe (and beyond the brain) there is awareness, organic, intelligent, alive (wise as Serpents), but also an energy form which can be divided, bipolar, making a polarity between opposites, between good and evil, light and dark (cleaved tongued and tricky)?        
           Sirius     Orion         Oldest kept insignia 
                                                                                                                         of the Sirius starsystem?

Ancient Egypt - in its model (blueprint) as a culture - lasting for at least 4000 years, named its land: 'A World Temple*, a Template, a Cosmology for the entire world, and looked to the Starsystem Sirius as its main guiding force and star. Here the starsystem Orion (Osiris) is followed by the starsystem Sirius (by some named after the goddess Isis, a name now violated and degraded by political forces. Let us call her by her Egyptian name 'Esi'). The star constellation Sirius is, besides the goddess Esi, also illustrated as a Cow, as the Falcon sungod Horus on top of a Staff, with Ships and followed by the Dog Anubis. The book, The Fall and Rise of Sziggies, Suns and Stardust, and in the chapter: The Sirius Sun Light Tour, ancient Mysteries unravels, a reevaluation of ancient but also stolen, symbols.  


The Starsystem Sirius has been illustrated as the realm of the Cow goddess Hathor and/or Neith. She has been called a *Mother Goddess', who gives birth to Suns, gives of her nourishing milk, but besides birthing Suns, she is also the Creatrix of entire Universes. Like an organic being filled with liquid Love light in many dimensions, she may be the very model for a Universe, a Cosmos, eternally vibrating and fulfilling in her process as a World Soul Embodimen (Anima Mundi) of Love and of Enlightenment. 
 Orion          8-leggged runic horses, Sweden

Is it possible that our Starry heavens with its constellations - is a Model (Template) of the way myths, sagas, history, folkloric and cultural traditions, the insignias on stones, rock carvings and megalithic technology - illustrate a hidden and lost Science? That archetypal stories and symbolic images outline a Cosmology, that since ancient of times describe views to our present existance on Earth? What is it that our history does not tell us? And what is AstroTheology? 
Placed inside the Egyptian Zodiac the Giza pyramid exemplifies a Model of the concept 'AstroTheology'. 

Viewed from the Earth, the Sun rises at dawn in Aries (East) (Spring equinox) and journeys towards evening in Libra (West) (Autumn equinox). In Astrotheology, this journey is a methaphor of daytime egoic awareness and where focus is held in the left side of the brain (dividing function of analysis, and in Egyptian mythology, the realm of trickery Seth). The daytime awareness corresponds to the placement of the King's Chamber. Which today may have become a paradigm of materialism, when not balanced with the Sun's journey between Libra and Aries, here paralleled with the Queen's chamber, and placed below. Which is the consciousness of the right sided brain, the Yin of Intuition and a portal to the worlds of Dreamstate, Soul and Spirit (the Sun's journey through night and dark subconscious mind, through the Egyptian Underworld 'Duat').

Moreover, the Sun has to traverse and clear that very mysterious and dark pit in the lowest area of the Underground, here placed near the site of Capricorn, and at the darkest hour of the year (Winter solstice). The Sun appears to rest for 3 days during which time - in this very dark tomb, womb and cave - a transformation takes place. A shamanic rite of dismemberment and of death and rebirth occurs. The Sun becomes as New as it rises towards Spring equinox and manifests itself as a brilliant Sun 'child', yet again. 

 Rebirth         Osiris in rebirth cave     To raise the pillar, the Sun

Allegorically, AstroTheology follows the journey of the Sun (spiritual consciousness) through the electromagnetic fields of time and space (matter and materialism). As the Sun descends into the Otherworld in the West, a 'fall' in consciousness appears to take place. A rebalancing, a restructuring, a reestablishment of some sort, has to be implemented (raising that May-pole, the staff, the Tree of Life, the energyfields of the Chakrasystem, the unifying Djed pillar at the centre of the pyramid) - between light and dark, conscious and unconscious mind, between 'Heaven' and 'Earth', spirit and matter. The consciousness fields of the sacred feminine (Yin) and the sacred masculine (Yang), Heart and Mind, has to unify and rise in vibrations to a higher state of Universal consciousness, the Anima Mundi of Heart and Soul. This is the archetypal story behind religions, the Sungods, the Sun and Moon goddesses, the archetypal stories recorded on Earth today. And also the very story how Spirit may grow in any individual's Heart and Soul.      

 Reunion     Reunion Upper Lower Nile   Tree of Life

Zodiacal 'Syncretism', my AstroMythological interpretation of a Zodiacal tale with universal Myths, History and cyclic evolution (Fall - Resurrection ) of consciousness.