The Akashic Records 

(25/3, 2015. Akashic Reading on the 'Tree of Life'): The ancestral bloodline (Tree of Life) of humanity will be 'Christened' in the sense that every soul has the choice to find a new light within themselves, independantly of any dogma, or faith, or religion. This awakening is a free choice, no outer restriction of any kind has the right to interfere with the integrity and spirit of any god-given child or soul. Every soul must find their own inner certainty of these statements. The inner convictions cannot be questioned by any outer circumstances or person, or authority, who claim a position of sovereignity over any other living being. And so it is! 


The Akashic Records are said to be an organic memory device inherent in the larger Cosmos, recording all the events ever happening. The Akashic Records can be compared to the imprint function of the element of water. Science verifies the memory-retaining function of water as shown by Masaru Emoto’s work; 'The Hidden Messages of Water'.

CRUISING THE SERPENT ROADS (from: The Fall and Rise of Sziggies, Suns and Stardust). The Akashic fields can be likened to 'serpenty' energy frequencies and pathways recording all the events ever happening in the fields of the Cosmos. These energy river currents have expressions such as Chi, Prana, the Ethers in Buddhism and Hinduism. These energy pathways can also be seen as the communicative tasks performed by that ancient 'god' Mercury, also known as Hermes and/or Thoth.

Mercury holds that staff Caduceus, another symbol of our inherent etheric empowering and free energy systems. It is the 'Tree of Life', the Chakrasystem to be balanced, healed and raised.
 And if one day we realize that even the chakrasystem is a controlling matrix, we should always explore the wisdom and living intelligence existing in our Hearts.

                                                                                       Rockcarving of snake
                                                                                       goddess, Gotland,
                                                                                       Sweden                        Seshat, Thoth
In the starry heavens there is that Serpenty River way constellation 'Eridanus' seen to the left. On Earth we are revolving around the Pole Star in 'Little Bear', embraced by the constellation 'Draco', seen in the centre. To the right there is the Serpenty River star constellation 'Hydra'. Are these 'serpenty' placements in the sky 'accidental'? How come they fit in so well with the Ida energy 'serpent' to the left (Yin), the Kundalini force in the centre and the Pingala energy force (Yang) to the right - as illustrated in Vedic Chakrasystems?

Let us retrieve the awareness of our (often abused and misused) ancient symbols.The Nile river (and androgynous) 'god' Hapi pours 2 (sometimes 3) streams of water - forming the river Nile as a 'serpent'. (Is the river NIle a 'blueprint' of the World Tree and a Caduceus staff?) The ancient goddesses (here from Crete and Sweden) are holding 'serpents', are they methaphors of a lost spiritual Science that illustrates the 'Mother Kundalini force'? Holding her 'serpenty' twinned children to the left and to the right, to be balanced and made whole. We must recognize the consciousness fields of our left (Yang) and right (Yin) halves of our brains, and balance the horrendous wars going on between the female and male fields of consciousness - on our Earth of today. The sacred feminine (Yin) holds the key and portal to the Inner world of Imagination, Dreamstate, Intuition and to what is called a multidimensional Soul and Spirit world (known to shamanic cultures). The sacred male (Yang) holds the key to the rational mind, analysis, the egoic consciousness. The two unifies sacred intelligence between heart and mind, raising consciousness to larger and expansive fields of Universal Awareness and Enlightenment. A State of Omniscience?