The Milky Way projected onto the       Precessional cycle          Vesica Pisces
Northern and Southern hemispheres       A Galactic cycle               Cropcircle
     of the Sky and of the Earth,.

8/8 2015. = 8 8 8 day! Akashic reading: As Above So Below is a fitting criteria for this number (and the day this writing started). As Created Above - so Created Below is the sacred formula of two touching circles - the Heavens brought to Earth and the Heavens on Earth about to be manifested (or rediscovered). 

9/8 2015. The day after the above, a Cropcircle appeared on Foxhill, UK, synchronizing
 with the pattern of Vesica Pisces, the union of two circles. 

   The Delta in Egypt         Satet with her     Androgynous         Worldtree Yggdrasil 
                                         arrows in           'Virgin' Goddess
                                         deep South.       Neith (North)
                                         9 arrows of         Vesica Pisces
                                Genesis/gestation?      on her head?  

Citation from the book: THE FALL AND RISE OF SZIGGIES, SUNS AND STARDUST:  The reader who is intrigued by the blueprints depicted in our ancient Cosmologies, as in Egypt, may be interested to consider how the Pharaoh, or King, journeyed a 'Pilgrim's Route' every 30 years for rebirth and rejuvenation! This took place in the Delta region, in the 4 cardinal directions of the cities Mendes (East), Heliopolis (South), Sais (West) and Buto (North). We may further uncover the archetypal symbols of these ancient places, but simply for now, they are the places for making integration between twinned pillars; the uncovering of Wadjet, a Womb place, a Virgin place; and the place for the birth of the child Horus. Look to the aphorism, what is Above is mirrored Below (spirit is matter and matter is spirit – although 'materia' is to be alchemically processed and refined!). The mirror image of the Northern Delta can thus also be seen in the roots of the River Nile 'Tree', in the regions of its first flows in the very deep South. (Is this the place and the watery well from where the Nordic goddesses, the three Norns, nourish the World Tree?).

(25/3, 2015. Akashic Records, the Delta?): The Delta is the place of Rebirth, the way that the ancients promised that a New Light is to be born – at the end of every New Age – when the waters of chaos recede and a new formula of life, a new blueprint – will be written. 

(8/8, 2015. Akashic reading):
The Delta is a region mirroring the sacred Vulva triangle. As a moist Lotus flower she follows the path of the Sun across the Heavens and the Otherworlds between dawn and dusk. The female and male spiritual principles are united in lovemaking, and will make Light the principle object of their mutual embrace.

      Placenta          Sacred Vulva       Sacred Lotus    Heavenly Nut (Neith) in love with Earth (Geb)? 
       (Delta)                                                              As Maat (Truth and Nature's Laws) cycles her Sun light
                                                                               between Heaven and Earth, between North and South,
                                                                               between Spirit and Matter.

Ancient cultures are being rediscovered and where science is unified with spirituality. Here we will find the sonics, the harmonics, the quantum energies, the electromagnetism of time and space, the multi dimensions, the sacred geometry, the rock-arts, the temples, the pyramids, the megalithic structures aligned with stars, syncretism, mythology, archetypes, legends and lores. Has the time come when we will awaken to all our senses, not just the 5, and the wholeness of Soul essence (likened unto the Light of a Sun, or a Star, or Quintessence) and the way Mother Earth shows her Gnosis (innate wisdom and intelligence in Nature) having a physical experience on Earth, yet also being multidimensional when aligned with Heart and Soul of a much larger Cosmos, realizing Humanity and Gaia as Galactic?   

2 Egg-like Binary Solar                                   Two Lions watching     Twinned Crown of 
systems interconnecting                                 over 2 Horizons.           Lower and Upper Egypt
shaping the Eye and Womb                            Tefnut and Sekhmet      Red and White unified.
of Vesica Pisces, Mandorla.                            = 2 Lion goddesses,         Twinned Placenta           
                                                                   said to come from Sirius     Khemit= Womb Template of Egypt   

(10/8 2015). Today, when looking for images of the Sun-Sirus binary starsystems, the synchronicities have been astounding (eg youtube came up with a descriptive video; 'The Great Year'). The star Sirius is found in Canis Major, the Big Dog and close to the sign of the Twins (Gemini). The Dogon tribe from Mali, Africa, saw our Solar System as 'twinned' (binary) with the Sirius system and called the Sirius system the 'World Egg', but also a 'Placenta'. Which means that we have two interconnected 'Eggs' (oval orbits of Suns) here and two 'Placentas', where Sirius is considered more 'pure' than the Earth's Solar system (named 'Ogo', the 'Fox'). The Egyptians saw two 'Placentas' with its North and South division into Lower (ruled by the Serpent goddess Wadjet) and Upper Egypt (ruled by the Vulture Mother goddess Nekhbet). We are today in the sign of Leo (Leo rules Suns and Hearts). If the Sirius' and Earth's solar systems are connected, there are two Lions, two Eggs, two Suns and two Hearts:
LION'S GATE: Two Hearts systems? At dawn Sirius is rising with the Sun. In ancient Egypt the Nile inundated and gave nourishment to the people, and to the Soul and Soils of Egypt. These days scientist are pondering whether our Solar System is a binary star system (twinned) with Sirius. Anciently, two Lions will watch stargates - opening up riverways to the much needed alignments between twinned flames, two Suns and the Hearts of two Lions? (Akashic Reading: 10/8): 'The mythological content in the collective consciousness does repeat itself, or rather find new levels for continued and evolved expressions. Humanity has to learn to find their Psyche's creative images - the way forms (animals, angels, humans) are expressions of spirit in search for its panoramic existance on so many levels of multi-dimensions'.


The Nile in the North with attributes Wadjet,          Dogon's            The Heart        Heart. 
the Delta Lotus flower, Red Crown, Placentas,      World Egg =       Vessel          Chakra 
Eggs and the Egyptian 'eared' Heart vessel.        Sirius system
On the horisontal division and unification:            with 3 Suns. 
2 Lions,Hathor, the Womb, Satet, Esi's blood     (3 Pyramids?)
and Knot, Her Sacred Creative powers.
The Nile in the South, Nekhbet, Base chakra.  

(23/8, Akashic Reading as the Sun enters the sign of Virgo): 'Humanity may enter realms beyond their present state of consciousness.They may explore myths that are very ancient and it is true that the landscape leaves trails, tracks and formations that do tell an etheric history - how Dreamtime and its forming energies - will leave physical signatures of a higher Order and visible in Nature formations. This can be seen again and again, and these revelations will be seen and must be seen by more people as they raise their awareness. Mother Nature is formed by Angelic and Elementary presences and those who have eyes will see'. More Dreamtime revelations in my books: The Fall and Rise of Sziggies, Suns and Stardust, and, 'The Great Mother, Alchemy and David Jones (at Amazon). 


Mary Magdalene    Anima Mundi     Virgin Mary        Neith           Nordic Siv         Grail, Vase
 with Graal            Vesica Pisces     Mandorla                           Vala, Völva    Vulva, Heart, Womb