The Fall and Rise Of Sziggies, Suns and Stardust
                           A Journey of Soul and Dreamstate


Ziggy Stardust made his exit, but who is Sziggy?
With Sziggy we are reminded of Ziggy Stardust, alias the artist David Bowie. Then there is Siggy, or Sigurd Fafnesbane, a figure in the hero sagas of the Norse. Sigurd is a Dragon hunter, a descendant of the shaman warrior and magician, Odin.

Shamans and shamankas, in the World Tree, journey the Other-wordly dimensions between the 'Heavens' and the 'Earths', exploring at least 8 or 9 alternative states of consciousness! Like most Sun- and soular heroes (and heroines) in ancient folklore, the story describes a multi-dimensional journey of soul and spiritual Self, restoring wholeness, affecting transformation.

A young Swedish girl moves to London and works her way through a labyrinth of multiculturism, intuitions, visions and dreams. With the Akashic Records, she studies World Mythology and the ancestral blueprints that just may describe some long forgotten events happening on Earth. On the most northern runestone found on Earth, a carving of a Dragon-like beast is seen.

Travelling from 'Station to Station' in the London Underground, the girl had to unravel one more Mystery: why there was a Bowie look-alike figure appearing in her dreamstate. This started in the 1970's. There is also a rock group, Heyoka-contrary in style, included in this intriguing and very true story!

First chapter:

Oh no, we're not alone! (Rock & Roll Suicide. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. David Bowie [DB], 1972). 

The sea monster, the Dragon, she left behind – or so she thought – tucked away in the ‘Great Lake’. A lake reflecting snowy mountains and clear blue skies, placed almost exactly in the middle of Sweden in a part called ‘North land’. This was her birth environment, in a small town known for its legendary dragon-like beast, Storsjöodjuret, lurking in the lake 'Storsjön'. Fresh from her first employment in Stockholm, and only twenty-two years old, the time had come to board a ship for England.

It was about a month earlier that Ziggy, red spiky hair, slender, young, sexually ambiguous and beautiful, arrived in New York, disembarking from the ship QEII. That was 17 September, 1972.

                The Great Mother, Alchemy  and David Jones              
                          The Small Folk´s Tale of Earth Medicine


A book came my way about a Welsh Chief bard, a master poet, a shaman and a magician from the 6th century; Taliesin! His poem is the most apt introduction to this book

 Great is the mystery of the circular course. Conspicious is the
 gaiety of the old. Loud is the horn of the traveller. Loud the cattle
 towards evening. Conspicious is truth when it appears, more so
 when spoken ...
 The Three inspirations of Ogyrwen (Ceridwen).
(From The Chair of the Sovereign).

Taliesin is what I would call a 'Time Lord' (a Mayan time traveller). Maybe from the distant past, but not really; he has mastered the illusion of time, just as his friend Merlin did! And is timeless, is eternal!

I dedicate this book to the Time travellers, to the long forgotten 'Great Mother' principle and to her consorts, among them the Davy Joneses. In   English folklore there is a goddess figure by the name of Mother Carey, and her consort is Davy Jones. 'Davy' may be a Christian version of the Welsh sea god Dewi, or Dylan. Davy Jones was known as the 'Waterman' to sailors, keeping the souls of drowned seamen in his locker. In this story you must be prepared to - just like Taliesin and just what happened to me - get dripping wet and ´spumed with Dylan´s wave´. Or with Taliesins words: 

 While I was held prisoner, sweet inspiration educated me
 and laws were imparted me in speech which had no words.
 Floating like a boat in its waters, I was thrown into a dark bag
 and on an endless sea I was set adrift. 

Birgit N D Edwall
 From the book:


“Crystalline brother of the belt of heaven, Aquarius! to whom King Jove has given, Two liquid pulse streams ’stead of feather’d wings, Two fan-like fountains – thine illuminings For Dian play.” John Keats; Endymion

What she did say was: “A real stew. We may also consider a cornerstone, triangular in shape, or oval in shape and black in colour. The stone can also be green, mossy green. On the other hand we may consider an egg, a luminous and golden egg.”

I was lying on the bottom of a lake and as far as understanding anything, I understood nothing! I was holding a shell to my ear and leaning my head against a pillar made of sunlight. The pillar was draped with red lilies, and for orna­ment at the top, the lilies were holding up the bottom of the lake with flowery petals.

“The elixir of love,” she said. It all depends on which way you choose to investigate. Or per chance, if you wish to know everything, as I do, you must melt together the two and go for an alliance.”

Sagan om Kvinnans Upprättelse 
         En ny Sol, en Ny Tid
             Birgit N D Edwall
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(8/8, 2014. Akashic Reading): You were given symbols of your Soul’s endeavours, her completeness, when made whole. The division made is for more learnings about humanity, when separated in consciousness from their innate natural knowing of their true Source. Your work is to research the understandings necessary – to make Soul more complete – once more. 

In the book: The Fall and Rise of Sziggies, Suns and Stardust, ( Birgit integrates the writings of :The Great Mother Alchemy and David Jones ( and the Swedish translation: Kvinnans Upprättelse ( The three books are interconnected.

An invitation to the Kingdom of the Faeries took place that would inspire these books to be written. A transmission had been made from the domains of the Great Mother about the dimensions of Soul. Have we laid aside the Soul template of divine intelligence, our bridge to the higher self and to the inner senses?