'The ancients were aware of Nature's geometric language and purposefully employed 
it in their arts, crafts, architecture, philosophy, myth, natural science, religion and
structures of society - from prehistoric times through the Renaissance'. 
A citation from the book: A Beginners's Guide to Constructing the Universe, the
Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science, by M.S Schneider.
A book which
inspired me to unfold the numbers 1-10, 12 with world mythology and soul/quintessence.  
                Where does it all begin? And images thereof?

             Mayan Tree of Life             Tibetan Kalachakra            Yggdrasil

'The Beginning will prove itself in the End'
A dream statement from 22/1 1979, when I began a quest for Soul and true Self,
exploring consciousness within and at night time (dreams, visions, meditations,
Medicinewheels, Remote viewing: the sacred feminine) in synchronicity with daily
events (sacred male). Is the Monad (Oneness, Wholeness, Universe, Eternity,
'Heaven', I Am) and its image of the Circle, a primeval 'first' Blueprint?


 Stillness         Heart Unity         Although Two   Soul Cyclical   Mother Nature      Flower of life
 Expansion      Connections      Sun and Moon                          Earth     
 Movement                                 (Avebury, UK)                          Nature Laws       Spiritual growth

1. Monad. The Circle as the Eternal Source WOMB of illumination. The middle point illustrates
Source Seed Monad Stillness in the very Centre of our beingness, how seed consciousness
(ER, UR?) may expand and grow into the fruit of enlightenment, when the 360 circle has been
integrated with cyclic life-death-rebirth experiences in the circumference of all zodiacal signs.
This Wheel of 'Fortune' or of the 'World' is the mythological Home and spatial 'Room' of the 
Cosmological Mother, when inspired by her male partner to care for All Seed Forms in the
entire and complete Wholeness and Oneness of a Love Joy filled Creation. 

Mother Earth      World Egg      Sun Child                  Wheelar     Cosmos =          Her House =
Hera, Era, Eri     Core, Ker       Sa-Ra ('Birth-Sun')   12 Rays      Anima Mundi     (Hathor's Tempel) 
Ner-t- hus           Korn, Groa,    Horus (hero/hour)    Tora-Law     ZeroPointField    Womb, Tomb 
Er, Är, Urd?        Gaia, Frö, Fröja                                                                                   

2. DUAD. VESICA PISCES, how the Monad (Circle) emanates, contains and mirrors itself into 2: 
A Portal is opened between the One and the many - causing the tension, polarity, the division,
desire, doubling, the contrast, the difference, the magnetism of Love attraction, the electricity
between plus and minus = a passageway between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Man
(Yang) and Woman (Yin). Vesica Pisces is her YONI gateway, the Mouth that speaks the Word of
Creation, the sacred female opening from which all Forms, seedpatterns, all geometry, all
primeval blueprints, are born. From Vesica Pisces emerges the Triangle, Square, Pentagon,
the first principles of Cosmos, the shapes, sounds and patterns underlying the Natural World
and the Laws of the 'Mother'. The Egyptian goddess Maat (truth, balance, laws) exemplifies this. 

Duad               Doubles   Vesica Pisces   Yoni            Maat           Birth of Geometric Blueprints  

3. TRIAD, or Trinity (Three-Unity) is the first 'number' as the Monad (1) and Dyad (2), by the
ancients, were seen as 'parents' only. Vesica Pisces births the relation/resolution between
the two with a Triangle, the world's main symbol of Divinity (Holy Trinity, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva,
Spirit-Soul-Body,Triple goddesses,
etc). Three is Synthesis, Birth, Balance, Peace, Wisdom,
Marriage, Healing, superior Strength. Three engenders 'All things', the balancing of opposites
into a complete Whole. God and Goddess produces their offspring, the first Child. 

  Pyramids            Yoni/Shakti   Caduceus   ShivaShakti              3- Fold Heart    Vulva/Lotus/Yoni
  Triangles            Yantra           Yin Yang      Marriage                    Flame               Female genitals
                           First triangle   Balance       3:rd Eye                                             Creative organs                                                       

4. TETRAD - fourfold with the very solid square, cube, gives 'volume' to the Trinity (surface).
In ancient myths four is 'Mother Substance', fruitful and nourishing as she feeds and clothes
creation with material substance ('mother' matter, meter, mater, mr) triggering growth as she
induces volume/space with the 'winds' or cardinal directions of the 4 elements: Earth (solids),
Water (liquids), Air (gases), Fire (plasma). Together with Pater 'pattern' space is organized 
into a Matrix of a four-bodied experience (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). The four-fold
is ancient for *Mother Earth'. She is the miracle of birth, the ongoing seasonal growth caused by
polarity, the energy unfoldments between positive - negative, a dynamic electro-magnetism.
The lightening of the old 'thundergods' galvanizes the dark caverns of earth into activity and
fertilization of the lands as seen with the solar ray interpenetration of ancient mounds, of
temples and megalithic structures at the cardinal points of spring, summer, autumn, winter. 


Tetrad              Cube, 8-fold   'Earth'      Crosses   Medicinewheel  Cancer const.  Bear- stars/Ursa 
                       8 -octaves       Mother                     Cardinal points    4-fold            rotates into quadrants


Big Dipper      High Priestess   Sacred waters     Grandmother Spider   Norns weave       Neith weaves
Rotation         'Mother' Cancer  Graal, Cauldron    spins/ weaves          4-fold materia        4  bodies,
Ursa Major     Care principle     Love fluids            2-4-8 creation           of time/space        Androgynous.

5. PENTAD, Pentagon, Pentagram, (Dodecahedron), is Quintessence, or 5:th essence of Nature,
encompassing, infusing and generating the 4 elements with LIFE. This is the 5th element of Ether
not recognized by material science except as 'fractals', the selfproducing, regenerative maths of
the Fibonacci series. Also described as the 'Golden mean', the 'divine proportion' adding beauty
and rhytm to how this pattern grows with plants, flowers, fruits, shells, spirals, embryos, galaxies
and other life forms throughout Nature. Five is Mother Nature seen as a blueprint pattern with
qualities such as beauty, harmony, balance and proportion. The SPIRAL is the most widespread 
shape/blueprint in Nature, a moving force seen in tornadoes, in Torus formations and within
the arts, crafts, architectures, philosophies and Cosmologies of ancient cultures.
It is the 'number' of the ideal proportion of humankind, but sadly misused when dark occultists
turn the five-pointed star up side down, thus negating life, beauty, and use it as symbol for death
cults and the worship of ego only and materialism. Five is the mysterious 'lost' essence of that life
transforming force also seen as an eternal soular and spiritual essence of Love and 'free energy'.
Spirals grow by self-accumulation, has a calm centre, and resolve opposites into a balance. A
concept which ought to evoke interest how the ancients saw resolution, intelligence, in Nature.

Pentad          Spirals            Torus        Da Vinci Ideal   Cornucopia  Tree of Life      Heart forms 

 6. Hexad, Hexagon. After having established the first point of Creation (1), its movement (2), its
strength (3) and substance, space, expansion (4) coming alive with beauty, stile, taste (5), it is now
organized into having functions, progressions, evolvements and structured purposes with the
Hexad (6). The multiples of 6 are frameworks of cyclical Nature (12, 36, 60, 360 ... ). Especially the
12-fold are seen in our ancient structural designs of Time; megalithic places, buildings, temples,
also with 12-fold epic myths of initiatory unfoldments by solar heroes and (lost?) heroines (Jesus,
Horus, Osiris, Apollo, Hercules, Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Arthur, with disciples, fishermen, rowers,
knights, Tribes, god-pantheons, ordeals, phases of transformation, etc, etc). The Hexagram Star is
variously named the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon and the Mark of Vishnu. The Hexagon is a
structure of maximum efficiency and the Dodekad (12) is a supreme number for Wholeness, Unity
and Perfection. 12-Tribe-Nations are found in ancient zodiacal societies (Ireland, China, Greece,
Americas, Egypt) and the 12-fold Cosmic Canons of divine measurements are found in eg China,
Babylon, Egypt, Greece, India. The Precessional Cycle (6 x 12 x 360) takes 25.920 years, a
measurement of a Platonic Year or a 'Great Year', influenced by the rotation of the polar axis.  


Hexad        Flower of Life   Heartchakra     Crop circle     Merkaba    12-fold Canon  Precessional Cycle
7.Heptad, as Schneider says: is not born like other shapes through the Vesica Pisces. Hence the
ancients saw 7 as the 'Virgin' number, (childless), as it produces no other number by multipli-
cation within the Dekad (10). Myths around Virgin goddesses (Minerva, Athena, Neith) are often
linked to the Heptad. Seven is the mystical, eternal Light that 'has come from itself'.
Heptad are the 7 ancient planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), 7 chakras
(Rays), 7 colours of the visible Light spectrum, 7 caves of initiation, 7 seas, the 7 stepped ladder
of soular growth and transformation within a Solar system. Climbing that Rainbow bridge of
the 7 multi dimensional octaves within the Lunar - Saturnian paradigm of incarnation on the
Earth plane - reaching for selfawareness (spiritual ascension) out from the imprisonment 
(Anunnaki controllers forming the Underworld?) of dark ignorance. Thus 7 is a conscious
expansion of awareness and wisdom between Earth (matter) and Heaven (spirit), an ongoing
7-period cyclical process aiming for soul and spiritual development: the 'Crowning of the Sun
god/goddess crowned with 7 rays and surrounded by 12 stars (the Zodical development) as with
the Egyptian wisdom goddess Seshat. Purification has to be achived in all chakras calling forth 
an opening of the sacrum, the 7:th tranformative seal. Personally I believe that when Roman/
Jewish controllers (the Church Fathers) made Christ into a state religion, they - among many
false teachings - confused the Virgin Mary enigma with sexual innocence, hiding and suppres-
sing the true authorities of 'Virgin' Mary and Mary Magdalene - as Priestesses well connected 
to ancient Earth wisdom. As well as endowed with sacred knowledge, not sexually inexperienced
or cut off from physical bodies and experiences (matter) nor being of a 'sinful' nature, but rather
in touch with their own sacred feminine channels and Nature, honoring Gaia Earth as being a
wholesome aspect of Spirit. As well as understanding that the hidden Light in humanity and in
Earth is that fiery Kundalini force which climbs our chakrasystems, the sacred mountains, staffs,
the ladder, until it reaches enlightenment, or a revelation, unfolding our true Nature as being 
sacred in touch with all our DNA strings and radiating with our Rainbow alighted full bodies.       

Heptad with       7 Chakras    World Soul      Neith       Seshat     Rainbow Body        Earth-Spirit
7 planets                                                     Primordial                  12-stranded?            connection

8. Octad, Octagon: Divides more than any other Decad number continuing the 1,2,4, doubling and
dividing cycles and the interplay of polarities. As a periodic Renewal cycle to manifest matter it
is linked to the Great Mother - weaving unity into manyfold expansion within matter. The cube is
the Earth, physical stability and also 'Justice' in myths. The Great Mother as the 'Spinner' (Neith,
Isis, Athena, Three Fates, Norns, Arachne, Ariadne, Kali) clothes matter with the 4 elements and 
the 4 qualities. It is the primeval Egyptian Ogdoad of Hermopolis, 4 pairs of unmanifest gods and
goddesses giving birth to the manifest universe. Or the 8-legged spider as the 'Transformer'. 8 is
a Cosmological Oriental number in Taoism, I Ching. Buddhas 8-fold path. Atoms´ outer orbits
strive to form 8 electrons for stability. 8x8 = 64 squares on the Chessboard. There are octaves for
scaling musical notes, resonance, an 8-step cycle to manifest matter, an ongoing limitless growth.
There are 8 directions and seasonal dates as with the Celtic calendar signifying soular growth.

  Octad          Crop circle            Taoism      Buddhas wheel   Kali          Kali Yantra     8-fold Mandala

9. Ennead. 'Nine' is derived from sanskrit 'nava', latin 'nova' and means 'new'. A new limit has
been reached with archetypal nine; a completion, thrice x 3 sacred and Holy when some form of 
perfected order and balance has been achieved. Nine is a stepwise boundary before the endless
ocean of infinite numbers continue to repeat themselves in cycles of the first 9 digits. 9 are the
Cosmological ordering principles found with the Egyptian Ennead (9 Neters, divine principles),
with Odin's 9-fold system in the Worldtree Yggdrasil, Mayan 9-levelled temples (dimensions), with
Thrice sacred female pinciples (Celtic Bridget and her 9 maidens), or the 9 Mothers in the Nordic
Worldtree, or the 9 Muses inspirited with the full range of arts, crafts, sciences. 9 also heralds the
process of life generated - or ordered- within the Womb for 9 months before manifested as a birth.
Could 9 teach us that the sacred feminine is soular wisdom, philosophy, when coupled with the
learnings of arts and sciences. That Mother Nature besides being geometric numbers, matter and
knowledge of her laws, is also a journey of soul, the knowledge of inner Psyche and of true self.
Demeter with 9 ears of wheat also heralds a new Cosmological order with her daughter Psyche
as her Nature is divided into a journey between the upper (spirit) and the 'lower' material worlds.
     Ennead      Crop circle     Egyptian Ennead  Odin's valknut Thrice Bridget   Yggdrasil     Maya temple

10. DECAD. Is a comprehension of the archetypal numbers within itself and thus a wholeness. It
is all-inclusive and seen as a perfect number by the Pythagoreans - heralding fullfillment but also
new beginnings. 10 goes back to the monad, Unity, but on a new level. Tetraktys is a 'Universal 
Creation Process' to Pythagoreans: a Science and a Philosophy of Nature. The Kabalah with its
10 Sefirots is the 'Tree of Life' in mystical Judaism, although debated it should more correctly be
based on 12. Odin gained wisdom on the 10th day. Psyche was found by Demeter on the 10:th day.
With the decad a leap to a greater level of fulfillment has been achieved. Sumerian-Babylonian and 
Biblical symbolism tell of 10 kings, or 10 patriarchs, from one point of Creation to the Great flood. 
The double Five-pointed star (=10) within 360 degree circles is a Universal and mythological
base for an ancient numbering system with numbers such as 36, 72, 432, 864, 25920, occuring
again and again as cyclical Precessional unfoldment systems - hidden within worldwide myths.


Tetraktys     360 degrees           from Polestar      Crop circle    Grandmother Spider    Stonehenge
                      numbering              across Earth                         


The World Tree                     12 fold Tree of Life             The New Jerusalem           Rainbow Light Body
is the ancient Mother           correcting false imprints?      12-fold builds Soular         Fully DNA stranded
Soul, Earth, Spirit                                                          Temple within                  Retrieval of True Nature
inner growth retrieved.                                                                                                                            

THE FIRST BLUEPRINT? OR FORM of how the basic forces of energies work? Quote by Walter Russel
from book of messages from the 'Source' or from 'God':

'In My Universe there is but one form from which all forms appear. That one form is the pulsing cube-sphere
two halves of the heartbeat of My dual thinking. All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are two, one form
for the inbreathing pulse, which generates and one for the outbreathing, radiating one. The cube is the
sphere expanded by the outward breath to black rest in cold space, and the sphere is the cube compressed
to the incandescence of white-hot suns by the inward breath.' 


                                                           Crop circle                  OM - Sound Mandala